The First Six Championships

It must be noted first that these first six Championships were all organised and run by high school students. Chess may indeed be the only high school sport with such a history.


Credit for the conception and success of the first Championship goes to John Reinbergs, who was at the time a student at Bloor CI in Toronto. Mr Reinbergs was also the founder of the Metropolitan Toronto High School Chess Association, now known as the TSSCL; this was in 1967, when Mr Reinbergs was in Grade 12. It was the following year, 1968, when Mr Reinbergs was a Grade 13 student, that he founded the
All Ontario Secondary School Individual and Team Chess Championship, which we now call the OHSCC.


Although the tournaments were organised by students, the organisers seem to have enlisted graduates or other people as Tournament Directors, and the organisers usually played in the tournament. It goes without saying that, long before the computer age, flyers were typed on a stencil and probably run on the school’s stencil machine; pairings and results were all compiled by hand (this of course continued until the mid 1980s when computer software was developed.)


# 1:May 10, 11, 1968: Champion:     Robert Kiviaho                                   4 / 4 [4 rounds]

                                                      Lockerby Composite School



                                    Team Champions:      Lockerby Composite School 9

                                    Co-Champions:          Sudbury

                                                                    Robert Kiviaho, Mike Szyjewicz, Taras Kobuziak

                                                                        Midland CI                             9


                                                                        Kerry Liles, Lars Rogers, John Angermann


                                    Organiser:       John Reinbergs (Bloor CI, Toronto)

                                    Director:         unknown

                                    Site:               Central YMCA, 40 College St, Toronto


                                    Players:           54

                                    Schools:          27

                                    Cities:             12 (approx.)

                                    Results:           results1968.pdf


# 2:May 9, 10, 11, 1969: Champion:  Mohan Rajagopal                   5½ / 6 [6 rounds]

                                                       Don Mills CI

                                                       North York


                                    Team Champions:      Bloor CI                                 11½


                                                                    Janicki, Donnelly, Huzan


                                    Organiser:      Executive of the Metro Toronto High School Chess Asso.

                                    Director:        unknown

                                    Site:              Central YMCA, 40 College St, Toronto 


                                    Players:           41

                                    Schools:          26

                                    Cities:             12 (approx.)

                                    Results:           results1969.pdf


# 3:May 8, 9, 10, 1970: Detailed results are not known


                                    Organiser:       Richard Sydney

                                    Director:         Walter Dobrich (President, Ontario Chess Association)

                                    Site:     Central YMCA, 40 College St, Toronto


                                    Information Form:      1970 3rd Ontario High School Championship.pdf


# 4:May 28, 29, 30, 1971: Champion: John Macphail                                    6

                                                        Ridgemont HS



                                    Team Champions:      Forest Hill CI                         18½


                                                                    Harry Kaminker, A. Weinrib, Marcus Rebick,

                                                                    J. Halpern


                                    Organiser:       Peter Matsi (Victoria Park SS, North York)

                                    Director:         Richard Sydney (VP, Metro Toronto Chess League)

                                    Site:               Lord Simcoe Hotel, University Ave and King St, Toronto


                                    Players:          198

                                    Schools:          74

                                    Cities:             40 (approx.)


                                    Results:           results1971.pdf


                                    Information:   1971 4th Ontario High School Championship.PDF


# 5:May 12, 13, 14, 1972: Champion: Peter Nurmi                                        5½

                                                        Emery CI

                                                        North York


                                    Team Champions:      Forest Hill CI                         17½


                                                                    Harry Kaminker, A. Weinrib, B. Roher, T. Sandor


                                    Organiser:       Stephen Boyd (North Toronto CI, Toronto)

                                     Directors:       Stephen Boyd

                                                          Marcus Rebick (Forest Hill CI, Toronto)

                                    Site:                New College, University of Toronto


                                    Players:           245

                                    Schools:          84

                                    Cities:             45 (approx.)


                                    Results:           results1972.pdf


                                    Information:   1972 5th Ontario High School Championship.pdf

# 6:May 25, 26, 27, 1973: Detailed results are not known.


                                    Organiser:       Marcus Rebick (Forest Hill CI, Toronto)

                                    Directors:        Marcus Rebick

                                                          Harry Kaminker (Forest Hill CI, Toronto)

                                    Site:                New College, University of Toronto


                                    Information:   1973 6th Ontario High School Chess Championship.pdf

Any people who have any further information about any of these first six Championships, or about any subsequent years, are asked to contact us. Thank you very much for your help.