Toronto District School Board Chess grants

The Toronto District School Board is sponsoring up to 60 of its students to attend the OHSCC. The school board will pay the entry fees for these students. We urge all schools in other school boards to apply to their board for assistance! Please note: the TSSCL includes schools from the TDSB, the TCDSB, and private schools. Unfortunately, Ms Taper has only been able to arrange for sponsorship for TDSB schools. We urge other league schools to apply to their board for similar assistance!

Because this was arranged by the President of the TSSCL, Ms Inga Teper, the subsidy will be reserved to:

  1. Deadline: March 1 2011: Schools which won gold, silver, or bronze in the 2010 TSSCL Team Championships (Senior and Junior);
  2. Deadline: March 1 2011: Individuals who won prizes in the 2010 TSSCL Individual Championship, provided they have at least 3 students who will register from their school;
  3. Deadline: March 1 2011: Schools currently playing in the TSSCL 2010-2011 season;
  4. Deadline: April 1 2011: Other TDSB schools.

procedure will be as follows:

  1. TDSB schools wishing to use this subsidy must register at least 3 students on line.
  2. The teacher coach / staff advisor will receive an email from Will Truong, Communications Director, advising their status.
  3. If subsidy received, send your cheque for remaining costs to Serguei Ianine, Treasurer. If subsidy is not available (this may happen close to the above deadlines), send your cheque for all costs, including entry fees.